Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer


In truth, I really don’t like me. As this page is intended to tell you about me as a writer, I thought I’d be honest with you from the start and warn you that I’m probably not qualified to write this page. I irritate me, so I expect most people to be irritated by me as well. This is either not usually the case or people are really just too nice to tell me that I’m irritating.

I write a lot. In fact, I realized only recently that I’ve been writing my entire life. Boredom would strike, I would pick up a pencil, and off I would go. I might have won a few awards and scholarships in school, but nothing noteworthy enough to make me think, “Hey…maybe I should make a career out of this.”

Then, an article I read online caused a chain reaction that I have trouble understanding to this day. The subject of the aforementioned article peeved me. This quickly turned to exasperation. In no time, I’d grown indignant to the ideas presented in this article and thought to myself, “Well, if they won’t consider the possible consequence, perhaps I should show them.”

This was the first time I ever sat down to write something that I was intent on publishing. I’m still working on the story, but found that as I explored the characters there were things I hadn’t considered in my initial agitation over the article. The story today looks nothing like the first, but as I understand it that is not at all uncommon.

Whenever this story (which I affectionately call “This Crap”) gets on my last nerve, I work on other–much smaller–projects. And that, my friends, is what I propose to offer you here along with the sporadic and asinine ramblings of a stressed-out, overly self-critical, compulsive wannabe author.

If I’m not writing, I enjoy coffee, spending time with my family, occasional hiking trips, shopping, more coffee, and reading. I will read anything. I’ll read through an entire terms of service agreement just for the sake of reading. All right, so maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but I read just about anything else.

And did I mention…I enjoy coffee.


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