Changing minds

Can your mind be changed?

Delusions Of Candour

This post is one I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but I’ve finally got round to it today after seeing the #ChangingMinds tag on Twitter. The question posed was what do you wish more people understood about mental illness – so here’s what I wish more of my friends and family understood.

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Some of us just aren’t as healthy as others.

1 in 4 people will have a mental illness during their lifetime. It’s that common.

If you ask how I am and I say I’m fine, I’m probably lying. But don’t push it because if I really want you to know I will tell you.

Just because you know someone else with the same diagnosis as me doesn’t mean that I’m capable of the same things. Your friend with anxiety and depression can go to…

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Oh yeah! Happy Birthday, America!

I’m a real patriot, huh? Happy Birthday, America! ❤

For reasons I’m thankful for my freedom, see my other post from today! You know, the one I posted before I remembered that it’s Independence Day and I should probably post something about that!