An Open Letter to Martha Stewart, or “I Ain’t Goin’ Back to Jail.”

I laughed so hard. So hard, guys. Just read it. Please.

Not a Day Over 45

Dear Martha Stewart,

I am writing to ask you, gently yet firmly, to stop contacting me via email and the U.S. Postal Service.

Our friendship, perhaps our co-dependency, was forged in a much different time for both of us.  Somewhere around 1996, I fell in love with your organizational skills, your quaint yet elegant homes, and your intricate fonts.  You fell in love with my $9.95 per year.

To me, you were the epitome of what I longed to be.  I was very desperate to be something other than what I was at the time.  I was trying to ignore my husband’s indiscretions, trying to ignore our problematic financial situation, trying to ignore my underemployment, my stress eating, and my lack of intellectual stimulation. I have to admit, Dear Martha, that I was simply using you as a distraction from my lackluster existence.

It’s not that you weren’t an important…

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These Abstract Street Artworks Look Like Portals to Another Dimension

I’m a sucker for crazy artwork. These images are insane!


In an ongoing series of abstract 3-D artworks, German street artist 1010 has an amazing ability to create depth on walls with pieces that look like portals to another dimension.

Information is sparse on the artist but you can see his work and unique style on his website, Facebook and Flickr pages.


3d street art by 1010 portal to another dimension wormholes (6)

Artwork by 1010
Website | Facebook | Flickr


3d street art by 1010 portal to another dimension wormholes (2)

Artwork by 1010
Website | Facebook | Flickr


3d street art by 1010 portal to another dimension wormholes (1)

Artwork by 1010
Website | Facebook | Flickr


3d street art by 1010 portal to another dimension wormholes (5)

Artwork by 1010
Website | Facebook | Flickr


3d street art by 1010 portal to another dimension wormholes (4)

Artwork by 1010
Website | Facebook | Flickr


3d street art by 1010 portal to another dimension wormholes (3)

Artwork by 1010
Website | Facebook | Flickr

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Daily Mail Ethics, Circa 1966

Found this an interesting read…


In 1966-7 my Dad got a job as a young reporter for the Daily Mail’s Manchester office, just as it was made Newspaper of the Year. All staff received the memo below from editor Mike Randall.

When Dad sent it to me, he added: “Mike Randall left the paper soon afterwards. It became a tabloid and in ethical terms its downhill slide began. However, I think Randall’s statement still stands as the model of propriety to which all journalists working for all media should aspire.”

I couldn’t agree more – and it’s certainly how I’d hope people expect writers to behave. I’d add though that in the 15 years I’ve been writing, I haven’t noticed nearly as much awareness of the dangers of libel, sensationalism and indiscretion in young journos as was drilled into [my generation of] pre-internet trainees. I don’t think Twitter and the pressure of instant comment helps…

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How tough is motherhood?

Beautiful. It’s just great.

Mummy Says...

I’m forced awake before 6am everyday for another round of this thing that is life. I’m always woken by screams after a night of perhaps five broken hours of sleep. I tend to the basic necessities of two small human beings – I feed, wash and clothe them. I express my love for them. Over the next couple of hours, I lift one or both of them continuously, I reason with the larger one using negotiating skills that would make my country proud. I settle disputes, I calm anger, I kiss away pain. I make decisions for them, I make choices about the things that matter most in their lives. At the time that most London office workers sit down at their desks for the day, I drink my second cup of cold but strong coffee. No-one ever says thank you.

This is motherhood. It is not the world’s hardest…

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St George’s Day Celebration

Hey Jesse, let’s celebrate this next year. Deal? Bethany can come too. Maybe, Eddie.

Don Charisma

We like celebrating the past over here in England, and what better way than dressing up a St George (even if you are a woman), and wheeling your best mate around in a wheel-barrow race. The race was strictly for over 18’s as both the wheeler and the wheelie had to down a 1/2 pint of beer on passing a pub, and there are about 4 on this short 200m high street. Oh, and they had to do the course twice, most of it uphill.

Sound like fun to me, so long as you don’t fall off the barrow.

St George, or Georgina as she's called these days St George, or Georgina as she’s called these days

Here comes the dragon Here comes the dragon

Fun in a wheel barrow Fun in a wheel barrow

Normal night out for the rugby lads Normal night out for the rugby lads

Taken in London, UK © dannyboybroderick

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Picture of the Day: A Satellite View of Earth on Earth Day

So cool…I had to share.




Satellite Image by NASA

NOAA’s GOES-East satellite captured this stunning view of the Americas on Earth Day, April 22, 2014 at 11:45 UTC/7:45 a.m. EDT. The data from GOES-East was made into an image by the NASA/NOAA GOES Project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

In North America, clouds associated with a cold front stretch from Montreal, Canada, south through the Tennessee Valley, and southwest to southern Texas bringing rain east of the front today. A low pressure area in the Pacific Northwest is expected to bring rainfall in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, stretching into the upper Midwest, according to NOAA’s National Weather Service. That low is also expected to bring precipitation north into the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Another Pacific low is moving over southern Nevada and the National Weather Service expects rain from that system…

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Celebrity Suicide: I Don’t Care

I’m reblogging this for a few people, including my grandfather, Rev. Edward Britt, and my husband’s cousin, Brandon Lee Conner, both lost to the tragedy of suicide. This is also for my brother and friend, Jesse Moore, one of the survivors that prove there is hope, and for countless other friends and family members battling this illness with every breath.

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