Shabbat Shalom…thank you, GOD!

It’s been one of those weeks. You know the kind. On Sunday, you’re making plans, and you’re ready. Bring it, Monday, you say to yourself (or maybe to Monday, because you’re bad like that) as you settle into your cozy bed too late…or in my case way too early in the morning to make any logical sense. Nobody should be capable of surviving on the kind of sleep I get. Even when you think I’m sleeping, I’m probably just thinking about my story and desperately attempting to think one of my characters out of the idiotic situation I’ve managed to tangle them up in all kinds of crazy ways. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s one of those weeks.

I had a great week, but it was one of the exhausting weeks where too many things happened all at once. Hubby found work, we started shopping for a new home (it’s not what you think, Mom-in-law…we’re not running away yet), and so much of my story finally spilled out of my head I’m starting to panic over not having anything to panic over. The audience for my manuscript widened this week. It’s in reader reviews, and I’m terrified. These are people that have no incentive to be nice to me. They don’t know me. So, basically…they don’t care about my feelings. So far, everyone loves it. Everyone wants more and I think I’m going to take a long vacation before I finish Book Two. Yes, that one is already working its way out of my head. I have about half of the first draft finished–and I hate it already. [That’s a good thing. It means the second draft will be better.]

When I woke up this morning, the last day of work before I could just get some freaking sleep, I was hopeful. I couldn’t help it. Everything was great, until Little Dude and Littlest Dude decided that today…this very day that we were supposed to catch up on math and science for the week…is the day they make up for all the fights I’ve been able to squash before they caused any problems. It kind of sounds like Littlest Dude is holding Little Dude captive in some corner of the house, weapon in his hands, while Little Dude cowers and cries like a baby. Little Dude manages to dart around him from time to time, but instead of coming to get someone that can help, he runs to another corner.

All right, kid. I get it. You’re waiting for your shot before you come get me. I don’t break up every fight, but I’m going to let you know that I’m watching. I hear you. I see you. Even if I’m suddenly transported to China, I know what’s going on. I see everything. I know you just tossed a book the size of Kansas at your brother’s head. I know this, son. You aren’t fooling me. They make it clear that they seriously DO NOT CARE. They don’t care what I see. I grow worried that the Littlest One might be looking to see blood today.

No school today. Until we figure out why these two are trying to kill each other and anyone that gets too close, I have to channel my inner Prison Warden and keep these two separated. It’s uncomfortable for everyone, except the two older kids that decide to take their unexpected day off and use that time to catch up on their TV shows. I look forward to sunset when I can finally turn all these noisy electronics off and just be with my family. I’m tempted to start now, but then I remember all those things I still have to do and I glance around at my children as if they might volunteer to do my laundry or make my bed. Knowing my kids, they probably would, but this time…no such luck.

That’s the moment I remember that I’m supposed to be running some errands for a friend that is out of town on…ministry business…? Vacation…? Something. She isn’t here, and she asked me to do some things for her while she was gone. I snag the keys and head out the door. My list is growing because I forgot a bunch of stuff, like the fact that I’m supposed to get my nephew from school and bring him home so his father can pick him up. Okay, I got it under control. Go run half this girl’s errands, pick up the kid, drop him off with Mom-in-law in case his dad shows up early, and then go finish running these errands. Except I had to get lunch for everyone first, and then I was able to get going.

This means I have to wait until ALL of those things are accomplished before I can come home and eat. I’m not even hungry, but normal people are hungry right now, so I should probably try to eat something. I try. I can’t remember what it tasted like, but it was food and it will probably keep me going until I’m actually hungry. I’m back at my desk, kids are chilling in the living room, and I’m finally ready to get ready (yeah, ready to get ready) for sunset. I’m ready for the day to be over. But…it’s not.

We’re anxiously waiting for Daddy to get home, because as soon as he walks in I’m lighting these candles, eating my bread and drinking some wine…and I’m going to REST! Do you hear me? I’m going to sit back, not think about my story (yeah, okay…) and I’m going to enjoy some time with Hubby, the Diva, Big Dude, Little Dude and Littlest Dude. We’re going to have some kind of family fun tomorrow unless Daddy has to work and then I guess we’ll do all that on Sunday. I don’t know. I just know there is still a bunch of laundry waiting, kids to feed, too many emails to answer all by myself, and about a hundred different stories I’m working on all at once.

I’m satisfied with our work for the week. Even if the week isn’t over, I feel like we’ve accomplished more than we intended since the last time I lit our Shabbat candles. The better we do, the more drama we deal with, and the happier we are, the more people want to see us frown…but who needs them? I’ve managed to make it through this many years without your approval, and I think…almost positive…that I’ll manage the rest of my years without it.

Now, I’m going to go track down my intern and talk her into doing some of my research while I finish the laundry and beat the Littlest Dude for jumping on the bed. [It’s sarcasm…I promise. I won’t actually beat him.]


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