Happily Never After

You know how you got asked as a kid what you wanted to be when you grew up? You may have answered “farmer” or “police officer” or maybe you said you wanted to be a doctor. Perhaps, like a buddy I had in school, you wanted to be a tree. No joke, he legitimately wanted to be a tree when he grew up. Intelligent guy, honestly…maybe a bit confused. Or too hopeful?

The only answer I could ever give was weird. Big surprise, right?

I wanted to be a wife (check), a mother to a bunch of kids (check), and I wanted a beautiful home (err…mostly check). I wanted that happily ever after that everyone said I couldn’t have, but I was determined to get regardless of their negativity. I got all I wanted, mostly, and then life happened a few times, and I realized that even happily ever afters have a whole lot of oh-no-are-you-serious moments along the way before the story is done.

And my oh-no-are-you-serious moments could fill a few books. Maybe that’s why I write. So, I hit all these bumps in the road and completely went off track. I got so caught up in all the chaos at times that I forgot just how truly blessed I am, and how lucky I was in the beginning…and how happily ever after I will really be one day.

It’s one thing to want a happily ever after, and it’s another thing entirely to build one of your own. Just don’t be discouraged when those plot twists try to liven up your story. That happily ever after can only be a happily never after if you let it go.


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